Region: Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
Coming Fall 2021!

Cannabis Business Conference 2020

NCIA’s Northeast Cannabis Business Conference (formerly known as Seed to Sale) has quickly grown into one of the top cannabis business conferences in North America in just a few short years! If you would like to attend a cannabis business conference in 2020, and you live in the Northeast part of the United States, then the NCIA cannabis business conference is the best conference of its kind! In fact, this will be the East Coast’s only true B2B cannabis trade show!

Here, you will find thousands of experts from every field of the cannabis industry. This includes legal experts, policymakers, extractors, technology providers, and others. You will learn about emerging regional-specific regulations, trends, and more. You will enrich your knowledge, awareness, and opportunities by engaging and networking with leaders in the cannabis revolution.

The Future of Cannabis is Now

Although cannabis has not been legalized for recreational purposes in the Northeast, we realize the signs of the times, which strongly indicate that full-scale cannabis legalization is inevitable, and it is near! This massive growth will result in billions of dollars of new revenue for innovative cannabis companies in our region. You will learn everything you need to know over two days of events, networking, and education.

Education is a Key Component of Our Expos and Conventions

Education is the key to success in all of your endeavors, and the cannabis industry is no exception! There are some who would claim that a lack of education prevents many small businesses from participating and getting in on the profits of the modern-day cannabis boom. In order for one to be truly successful in the cannabis industry, he or she must understand the limitations and the legislative framework of cannabis, which often varies from state-to-state and county-to-county.

At the NCIA’s cannabis business conference in 2020, there is an expo stage with talks every hour. NCIA exhibitions feature keynote speakers, guest speakers, and others who are experts and authorities within the local cannabis industry. You will find everything from panel discussions to TedX-type talks – all of which are designed to be highly informative and educational.

At the NCIA east coast cannabis business conference, you will find legislators, legal experts, and others who are highly qualified to speak and shed light on the matters at hand. Our goal is to forge the conversation and see how we can create the best policies going forward, as it is all of our jobs to do what we can to make the industry better and safer for everyone involved in it.

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