Region: Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
Coming Fall 2021!

Cannabis Business Conference Massachusetts

Perhaps you are interested in attending a cannabis business conference in Massachusetts, but you don’t know what it will be like. Perhaps you are not sure if it will be worth the money for you to attend such a conference. Well, NCIA would like to assure you that if you are in the cannabis industry or if you are looking to get into the cannabis industry soon, the NCIA cannabis business conference of 2020 will be the best investment you make all year long!

Cannabis is a serious industry, and the NCIA cannabis business conference of 2020 will be a very serious and professional, yet casual, atmosphere. NCIA hosts the biggest and best cannabis business conference in the Northeast each year! Here, you will have ample time and opportunity to make meaningful B2B connections. If you haven’t registered for attendance already, please do so now right here on our website.

The NCIA Cannabis Conference is Business-Oriented

Marijuana is currently legal in medicinal or recreational forms in more than half of the states in the US. Yet, cannabis laws are changing all the time, and staying up to speed with current legislation can be a full-time job in and of itself! As cannabis laws and attitudes throughout the country become more relaxed, the marijuana boom is surely going to boom even more, and now is the time to get in on the endless profits.

The NCIA cannabis business conference is an annual conference that is geared towards the business side of the cannabis industry. Here, you will find cannabis business owners, to-be cannabis business owners, and others who will network and show off their innovative cannabis products. There is also a large educational component at our conferences, so you will hear speeches from industry leaders, attend seminars, and you will be able to attend panel discussions.

What You Can Expect at the NCIA Cannabis Business Conference of Massachusetts

If you are interested in exploring the most amazing, new, innovative products in our industry, we guarantee that you will find them at our expo! You can find a wide range of products that are made from cannabis plants. You can also find a bunch of products that are designed to service the marijuana industry. This includes innovative grow lights, product packaging, and financial services, just to name a few! You will find much more than you expect here, and you can customize your experience over a two-day period to get the most out of our events.

Please, do not be confused or fall into the misleading narrative that the NCIA cannabis business conference is somehow a stoner’s bong show. It is not. That’s not to say that you won’t come across an awesome bong or a stoner while you are here, but the point is that the NCIA cannabis business conference of Massachusetts is a professional business event. You can find lawyers in the industry here, lawmakers, and other experts and leaders within the cannabis industry.