Region: Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
Coming Fall 2021!

Cannabis Convention 2020

Want to display your products at the best cannabis convention in 2020? If so, the NCIA cannabis convention is where you need to be. If you are in the cannabis industry, or if you are looking to enter the cannabis industry, then you need to be here! Whether you want to be an exhibitor or just an attendee, you have much to gain, and registration is open now on our website. Here, you will make new B2B connections, learn more than you could imagine, find some new products that you didn’t even know that you need, and you’ll get to check out some of the most awesome, cutting-edge products on display, in addition to displaying your own if you have any.

Every year, the NCIA cannabis convention keeps getting better, and the NCIA Cannabis Convention 2020 promises not to disappoint! This comes as no surprise as cannabis products, systems optimization, and cannabis technology keeps getting better with each passing year. This means that you will find a slew of amazing products. Consider some of the products we have featured at our past conventions – products that you might not learn about anywhere else:

Grow Room Glasses

Summer Blues Optics introduced a new line of grow room glass that invert the color spectrum of harsh grow lights for indoor grow setups. These grow room glasses protect the grower’s eyes and help them to detect deficiencies easily.

Med Tainer

Med Tainer displayed their new waterproof, air-tight, smell-proof, medical-grade containers that come with a built-in grinder inside of them. You just pop your buds into the top container, grind them into the bottom container, and pour the ground-up flower back into the main container. Then, you’re good to go for the rest of the day! You can even hold a lighter and a pack of papers in the container.

Indestructible Bongs

Peacemaker Gear introduced a new indestructible silicone bong at a previous NCIA convention. This company specializes in making indestructible pipes and accessories. Because the bong is made of silicone and not glass, it can be molded for a better fit, such as the mouthpiece.

What Product Will You Introduce at the NCIA Cannabis Convention 2020?

Do you have a product that you want to introduce and launch at our convention? There is an exceptional chance that you will make new B2B and B2C connections here. Even if you don’t have a product to feature, and you are not interested in being an exhibitor, there will still be much to see and much to do for you here. Make your registration today on our website.

Will We See You There?

Whether you are an exhibitor or not, and whether you have products or products to feature or not, there is a place for here. The education, networking, and the relationships that you will form will be priceless! Make your registration today, and remember, members save big!

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