Region: Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
Coming Fall 2021!

East Coast Cannabis Business Expo

Countless new innovative ways of producing, delivering, and consuming cannabis products have been created over the past few years. The best way to showcase the latest in the cannabis industry is via our annual cannabis expo. If you live in the Northeast, then you will find the best east coast cannabis business expo hosted by NCIA. Whether you are looking for B2B or B2C connections, you’ll find what you are looking for at the NCIA cannabis business expo!

NCIA’s East Coast Cannabis Business Expo is Helping to Normalize Marijuana

Unfortunately, stigmas and stereotypes regarding marijuana still have not been completely done away with. However, the NCIA cannabis business expo helps. We held our first event just a few years ago, and today, NCIA is widely regarded as one of the top business expos in the world! With each event, the number of people in attendance gets higher, and the number of exhibitors grows as well. This year, we expect to host up to 200 cannabis industry exhibits!

There is a lot of stigma around cannabis, but events like the East Coast Cannabis Business Expo by NCIA help to spread awareness and education. More importantly, as a business expo, our events help individuals who are currently in or are looking to get into the cannabis industry.

Amazing Cannabis Industry Products are Featured at Our Exhibit

Indeed, the general public, as well as cannabis opposers, are largely unaware of just how broad and versatile cannabis is. Further, people within the cannabis industry are often just as shocked to learn just how versatile cannabis and cannabis-related products truly are!

There are many different products featured at NCIA’s east coast cannabis business expo. There are people from all walks of life who depend on cannabis experts for the products that they need for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Of course, we still have a way to go in legalizing recreational cannabis in the Northeast, but it is just over the horizon. From a business perspective, the innovation of our exhibitors is amazing, and NCIA’s cannabis business expo features top-of-the-line products, many of which are making their debut at our expo.

Are You a Newcomer or a Small Startup in the Cannabis Industry?

If you are looking for solutions on how you can get into the cannabis business or take your existing cannabis business to the next level, then you must attend NCIA’s cannabis business expo of 2020! Whether you are interested in the growing side, the recreational side, the medicinal side, or any other side of the cannabis industry, you will not be disappointed here!

NCIA cannabis business expo attendees come for all different reasons and very different products, but everything is all here under the umbrella of cannabis at the cannabis expo. If you are a cannabis business owner or a to-be cannabis business owner, then registering for this event will be the best investment you make in 2020.

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