Region: Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
Oct. 27-28, 2020 | Atlantic City Convention Center | Atlantic City

MJ Biz Conference

If you have never attended a cannabis business conference, and your first thought is that it sounds like a gathering for stoners, you are not alone. The NCIA MJ Biz Conference is nothing like that! It’s much, much more than a 420 bong show and pothead gathering. Let us take a closer look at what you can expect at the NCIA MJ business conference 2020. By the way, stoners are welcome, but being a stoner is definitely not a requirement!

About the NCIA MJ Conference

In the last 2+ decades, cannabis legalization has taken off in North America. With the legalization of cannabis, new products, new technology, and even new markets have come into existence. Indeed, the cannabis boom is the largest economic boom in the world right now, and many business savvy people are cashing on this crop. That is why cannabis conventions have been popping all over the place. The NCIA Business Conference is proud to be one of the most prestigious cannabis events in the world!

We can’t speak to every cannabis conference in the world, but at the NCIA MJ Biz Conference, the setting is very professional yet casual. Most of our attendees and exhibitors are entrepreneurs, cannabis medical experts, cannabis researchers, journalists, biz dev professionals, and of course, cannabis business owners. Indeed, the NCIA cannabis conferences are all geared to business professionals.

Our events are curated by leading experts in the cannabis industry. In addition to expert keynote speakers and seminars, the 2020 NCIA MJ Biz Conference will provide you with endless opportunities to network and gain a wealth of knowledge. It’s hard to say which will benefit you the most over time – a vast wealth of knowledge in one location or the connections that you will make in attendance.

Register for the Best MJ Conference in the Northeast

Whether you are already in the cannabis business or you are thinking about getting into the cannabis industry, you will love that the NCIA 2020 MJ Biz Conference is heavily geared to learning and networking, the two most important aspects for any entrepreneur! With a solid foundation and then building upon that foundation, you’ll be much more likely to prosper in your cannabis business endeavors. The NCIA Cannabis Business Conference can help you get established on solid footing.

What You Can Expect

From stellar presentations from the cannabis industry’s brightest and most affluential people (TedX-like) to a vast array of innovative product/technology exhibits and beyond, the MJ Business Conference 2020 is the best investment you will make this year! And at a meager couple-hundred buck, you can’t go wrong!

Register today for the NICA 2020 Cannabis Business Conference. Here, you will enjoy a great experience in a professional business landscape. You will learn from industry leaders and experts, walk and explore exhibits that feature some of the industry’s most innovative products and technology, and you will have a chance to meet with your fellow cannabiseurs and develop valuable relationships that will last for years.