Region: Northeast Cannabis Business Conference
Oct. 27-28, 2020 | Atlantic City Convention Center | Atlantic City

New England Cannabis Business Conference

NCIA will be hosting the New England cannabis business conference in 2020. As you will see if you keep reading, there are several reasons why you should attend the conference. For now, suffice it to say that the NCIA cannabis business conference is the only true cannabis business conference in the region this year! Why not check us out online to learn more about us and follow us on social media?

Of course, it’s easy for us to boast that our conference is worth its weight in gold, but now, let us consider some of the main reasons why you should attend the NCIA New England cannabis business conference:

Reason #1: We Have Industry-Leaders as Speakers

In addition to our large exhibit showroom that features many new and amazing cannabis products, the NCIA cannabis business conference of New England also hosts a strong educational component, including noted keynote speakers, industry leaders, policymakers, technology providers, and other industry experts. When this two-day conference is over, you will realize that attending was the best investment you could have made.

Reason #2: You Can Customize Your Experience

Over a period of two days, you will be able to customize your cannabis business conference experience by attending lectures and talks that are tailored to your specific needs and goals as a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or innovator in the cannabis industry. You’ll have plenty of time to get around, explore new exhibits, and network with the people who can help you achieve success in your cannabis business endeavors.

Reason #3: Access to a World-Class Exhibit Show Floor

Each year, our exhibit show floor gets bigger and bigger! You can expect to find as many as 200 different exhibits from local dispensaries to cannabis consumption product makers and other industry players. You’ll find amazing new cannabis products that you never thought of, but once you see them, you will realize how much you need them! From silicone bongs to state-of-the-art grow rooms, you’ll find everything here!

Reason #4: Acess to World-Class Workshops

It’s one thing to take notes while an expert speaks, but it’s another thing to be involved in the learning hands-on. Take advantage of our pre-show workshops, including extraction topics and more. The goal of this New England cannabis business conference is to enrich the lives and businesses of our guests, and education is a strong component here.

Reason #5: A Tangible Return on Your Investment

Whether you register as a member or a non-member, the money that you pay for your registration will be money well-spent! The knowledge, the connections, and even the products that you take home with you will more than pay for themselves many times over! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Register Online Today

You can register for your place at the NCIA New England cannabis business conference. You may register as a member or non-member, but members will save money on registration and receive other benefits as well. Contact us if you require further assistance. We hope to see you at our conference.